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2005 Former Packer All Star Team

by Jerry Gilbert
No fan of the Green Bay Packers can look at the current roster and say with a straight face that the assembled talent is first rate. Former General Manager Ron Wolf recently went on record as describing some Packer players as only qualified to play in NFL Europe. Over the years, many players have come and gone, and a sufficient number of former players to comprise a football team are still active in the league.

To provide some data for evaluating the personnel decisions that have been made over the years Ron Garvida and I have compiled another all star team. This team is composed of players currently on the roster or practice squad of an NFL team. To be considered a former Packer, the player must have at least participated in training camp. Nearly all of them played at least a season in Green Bay.

As we compiled the list, a few conclusions emerged. First, Brett Favre has been so great and so durable that three solid starting quarterbacks have emerged from his shadow. Second, other offensive skill positions are in relatively short supply. Draft choice disappointments, such as Carl Ford and DeAndrew Ruben, are still in the league, but would not unseat Antonio Chatman or Robert Ferguson if they were still in Green Bay. On the other hand, Corey Bradford and Terry Glenn could help right now.

The Packers have not shown much ability to draft running backs, and the dearth of former Packers of NFL quality helps explain why the team has been unable to rebound from injuries at running back. By contrast, the offensive line composed of former Packers is first rate. The main reason for losing valuable offensive guards has been the salary cap. However, this team has four guards who are better than anyone on the current roster.

The unit on defense has a few top players. Mike McKenzie could obviously contribute at cornerback and linebackers Donte Curry and Hunter Hillenmeyer are two players the Packers released who perhaps they should have retained.

The one position that most clearly suggests some past mistakes in player evaluation is safety. Bengal starter Kevin Kaesvisharn was a rookie free agent who did not make the roster. The parade of no talents such as Bahwoh Jue, Marques Anderson and Antuan Edwards might have been unnecessary had Kaesvisharn been at safety in Green Bay all these years.

Again quoting Ron Wolf, he has said that the decision not to offer more money to punter and occasional place kicker Craig Hentrich was one of his biggest mistakes as a GM. Two draft choices and lots of poor field position could have been avoided had Hentrich remained in Green Bay. He is also an excellent kick holder. Now, we present the team:

*Note* All names in Green are players owning Super Bowl Rings.
Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks), Aaron Brooks (Saints), Mark Brunell (Redskins) Ty Detmer (Falcons) Kurt Warner (Cardinals)
Running Back Nick Luchey (Bengals)
Full Back Nick Luchey (Bengals), Jerald Sowell (Jets)
Wide Receiver Terry Glenn (Cowboys), Corey Bradford (Texans) Scott Vines (Lions) DeAndrew Ruben (Lions) Carl Ford (Eagles)
Tight End Mike Bartrum (Eagles); Steve Bush (49ers)
Center Atlas Herrion (Browns)
Offensive Guard Marco Rivera (Cowboys), Adam Timmerman, (Rams), Joe Andruzzi (Browns)
Offensive Tackle Barry Stokes (Falcons) Steve Morley (Jets), Mike Wahle (Panthers)
Defensive End David Bowen (Miami) R-Kal Truluck (Cards)
Defensive Tackle Terdell Sands (Raiders) Vonnie Holiday (Dolphins)
Linebacker Hannibal Navies (Bengals), Hunter Hillenmeyer (Bears) Marcus Wilkins (Bengals) Donte Curry (lions) Nate Wayne (lions)
Cornerback Mike McKenzie (Saints), Allen Rossum (Falcons ) Joey Thomas (Saints), Chris Johnson (Rams)
Safety Darren Sharper (Vikings),Kevin Kaesvisharn (Bengals) Matt Bowen (Washington), Antuan Edwards (Falcons), Bahwoh Jue (Chargers) Scott Mc Garrahan (Chargers)
Kicker/Punter Craig Hentrich (Titans)
Punter Josh Bidwell (Bucs) Sean Landeta (Eagles)
Return Allen Rossum, Chris Johnson
Long Snapper Mike Bartrum

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