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Overcast and still hot today. Seemed to be an even bigger crowd on Oneida Avenue

Most of the practice was not fan friendly. After warm-ups, the units separated and spent most of the time running through plays and formations.

Lots of players missing-Sam Breeden and Terrence Murphy WR Brady Poppinga LB Jason Horton, Chris Day and Joey Thomas all CB's; David Martin

Some notes from the drills

Good to see defensive team all working on stripping the ball and falling on it.

Quarterbacks were throwing 30 or 40 yard passes at a metal garbage can set where the pylon would be. There were some passes that hit it but no baskets.

In a drill for tight ends to pick up pass rushers at full speed, McHugh stood out, but Steele held his own and had a real battle with KGB. Later he pushed KGB to the ground legally. Truluck pushed Fleming right back to the mythical QB. Fleming is 6-6 and did not get underneath.

Andre Thurman was back at practice and was effective catching the ball. He left once apparently to take medication. His thumb is in a cast.

The quarterback to wide receiver with only a lone cornerback Drill (I do not have every play so do not draw too many conclusions)

Lucas beat Carroll on a square out
Bragg beat Carroll on a square out
Jones beats Harris out and up Harris stuffs Lucas at the line
Hawkins knocks down the pass on an up route to Butler Carroll stops a slant to Jones Harris stuffs Braggs but probable hands to the face call Hawkins stays with Lucas for tackle after short gain Jones beats Carroll slant short gain Torrence covers Braggs well and throw is long Lucas beats Hawkins ; Butler flies past Dendy

Field Goals-Sanders and Nall both effective as holders.

Sanders punting to pin them back. Generally fair catch about 10-15. Shanked one but followed that with best kick of day-rolled dead at 3. punts seemed to be pretty good except for the one because it appeared that receivers would let them go if touchback was likely.

Eleven on eleven last hour of practice. They were counting first downs Ruegamer at left guard Kevin Barry and Atlas Herrion (returning from injury) at Right guard

Green over right guard for 10 and a first down. Green followed with about 12 in the same place.

Favre was flushed left and threw one of his prayer passes. Al Harris knocked it down but could have intercepted. Favre play action hits Ben Steele for about 25 yards.

Davenport gains about 1 yd. Then Davenport busted through the left side for about 25 yards

Favre flushed left-throws cross field into endzone Dendy made a leaping interception In one of his best plays of camp Ahmad Carroll laid out to knock down a pass Back to back great plays by the corners.

Nall and Rodgers did not have success in the goal line drill

The quarterbacks and Receivers 7-7 versus nickel and dime coverage Advantage Offense---Ahmad Carroll seems always to cover the slot receiver in these situations. Hawkins or Torrence will be outside on the wide receiver.

Favre hit Steele for more than 10 but Driver dropped the next leaping attempt at a catch.

Nall tried a fly pattern but Torrence was up to it. He connected with the tight end

Rodgers hit Bragg on a slant and Butler 15 yards out left Favre connected with Ferguson for about 8 and then a touchdown to Chatman on a post pattern O'Sullivan hit Green underneath. Short completions to Walker and Davenport had a tackler standing by Dendy and then Hawkins

Bad news-Linemen are doing one on one and Brad Bedell seems to have a leg injury.


Favre threw short to Chatman and Ferguson. then scrambled and hit TE Fleming at the pylon for a touchdown.

Nall hit Leach for about 7 yards the hit Thurman on a post pattern touchdown.

Rodgers competed to stele and anther pass was batted down by Carroll With Favre back in, Javon split the coverage of Harris and Earl Little for a touchdown A Holding call on Harris was declined Davenport broke though the middle for a score. Lee and Washington at the tackles Manning an Navies at linebacker.

Nall hit Ferguson for 10. James Lee tipped the next one. on a planned roll to the right complete to Thurman on a crossing pattern

After Favre returned. LeighTorrence had great coverage on Walker Steele was wide open in the middle beating Navies.

O'Sullivan missed Jones on a fly Dendy had good coverage
Rodgers hit Bragg on a fly to the right side beating Dendy


Green sweeps left for 7
Pass to Steele for 7
Davenport for TD behind Luchey
Mark Roman came up to stuff davenport


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