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by Jerry Gilbert
I arrived late, and missed the warm-ups and drills. As I settled in kickers were at work. Ryan Longwell was solid no matter who was the holder, but none of them seemed comfortable. Meanwhile B.J Sanders ws punting just okay and the other contender Benekos was not even adequate in the couple of punts I saw.

11on 11 Started Favre under center against first defense Complete Over the Middle to Donald Driver Driver would prove to be his favorite all morning On the next play, safety Earl Little closely covered the receiver and the ball popped into the airdangerous situation for the offense. Out of the shotgun, Favre ran a draw play. Then completed a pass to Driver about 12 yards up the middle.

Against Second Defense Favre hit Ahman Green underneath the coverage as he beat Paris Lenon. Craig Nall entered

Bumped as he threw (red jersey and all) and pass fluttered incomplete. Cullen Jenkins and R.-Kal Truluck had good pressure in this series. Andre Thurman dropped a high but catchable ball. On the next play, Nall kept it as coverage was solid.

Aaron Rodgers 2nd offense and defense. He began with a hand off to Tony Fisher. He next connected with his fellow Californian Craig Bragg who was running underneath across the field about 5 yards out.

Favre returned Favre is looking active and there is zip on the ball. He completed one to Driver over the middle about 15-20 yards. Then he pumped once, saw nothing and threw it away. A shovel to Green followed which fooled the defense. Then Favre hit Driver on the right side.

The offense kept changing formations and would sun in 3-4 receivers at times. Antonio Chatmanprobably Favres second favorite on Sunday , caught one under good coverage from Patrick Dendy. I will say more about Dendy later. J.T. OSullivan entered and was smothered by a pass rush. Rodgers had no better luck he scrambled twice as he found no one open.

This was a good series for the defense. They stymied every quarterback except Favre and kept him in pretty good check. Bump coverage bythe cornerbacks was someshat effective.

7 on 7 with no bump coverage and no pass rush was calculated to help the offense.

Favre hit Ben Steele on the right side. Then facing good coverage he tried to hit Davenport but whizzed it past him. Up to that point I did not see Favre put touch on the ball. The next pass was too high for Walker and probably not catchable; however, he did not extend for the ball. Chatman caught a slant on the left side. Dendy kept Driver from catching the next one and received congratulations from his coach.

Crag Nall entered and completed a short ball to Andre Thurman. Nall the tried an unsuccessful fly pattern right, but good coverage by Leigh Torrence gave him little room to put in in there. Chris Day intercepted the next one and ran it back with Najeh Davenport giving chase. Rodgers had a completion to to Tony Fisher, but torrence broke up the next one.

Favre entered. He completed one to Ferguson but also had to hold the ball once due to the coverage. He hit Chatman on a crossing pattern and then Walker on an underneath crossing pattern. Next it was to Driver on a stop pattern. Osullivan passed to Henderson underneath with good coverage by Nick Barnett. Ahman Green caught the next short pass. Rodgers completed to Jamal Jones an then to Ben Steele underneath.

11on 11 in the play all the news outlets talked about. Al Harris dominated Javon Walker and intercepted the pass. Favre then threw a nice touch pass to Ben Steele. A draw from the shotgun worked well. Carrol then shut down Driver and prevented a completion. Barnett then covered Steele and harassed him enough to drop a high but probably catchable ball over his shoulder. Nall enters.

Brad Bedell at left tackle was solid all day, but on this series the refs in attendance flagged him for holding Truluck. Nall then completed a pass to Vinc e Butler.

Rodgers completed to Steele. Favre tried to thread one to Sean Mc Hugh which he could not handle. He then stepped up and short armed one to Davenport. Walker bobbled a high one and Julius Curry intercepted. O Sullivan completed a short one to Terrence Murphy.

Rodgers had a very nice completion to Terrence Murphy. Rodgers was terrible at times, but looks like a guy with some talent. Favre returned and completed a pass to Steele. He then saw rookie Marviel Underwood in coverage and lofted a strike dup the sidelines to Ahman Green who caught it and kept going. Favre then adjusted to good coverage and pass rush. He stepped up and tossed it to an open Najeh Davenport.

Practice ended then and there.

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