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by Jerry Gilbert
Sunday afternoon, I was there early and saw the pre-practice activities. While playing catch with coaches, Aaron Rodgers repeatedly caught the ball one handed. Healso pitched an undrhand spiral about 20 yards.

On all the drills, william Hendrson looks as fit and agile as the younger backs.

11 on 11 (this is shorts and uniforms--advantage OFFENSE)

Craig Nall began with a completion to Driver on a stop pattern. He then overthrew Walker on an out pattern to the right. He followed with a short pass to Luchey and then hit Chatman on the right side.

O'Sullivan connected with Murphy on the left side but missed on a long passto Vince Butler He hit a safety valve to Fisher and then connected on his best play of the day. He scrambled away from pressure, rolled right and hit an open Terrence Murphy. He then hit Driver over the middle.

A completion to Walker on the left side and another to Muphy crossing over the middle.

Rodgers connected with Walker over the middle and Murphy on a crossing pattern. His next pass was ugly bouncing on the ground a few yards beyond the line of scrimmage. He came back on a slant to Driver and a pass to Ferguson which was a great catch over good coverage. A square out to Walker ended his session.

Craig Nall came in with third stringers on both sides. He his running back chris Robertson over the middle and Walt williams on a short stop pattern. He then connected with Javon Walker. Sherman may have thought Nall needed a real receiver in the lineup.

O'Sullivan entered and his pass was tipped in the secondary and defensive Tackle Corey Williams made the interception.

Next for the practice was special teams drills on individual blocking and attacking. Ben Steele stood out in these drills.

Eleven on eleven

O"sullivan had a bad series--a running play; a scramble and finally he rolled right and missed an open Donald Driver.

Rrodgers conduicted a Chatman end aroundand then missed Craig Bragg on a fly pattern.

He then connected with Javon Walker with a perfectly thrown ball between 2 defenders. Roll the highlight film--the rookie can chuck it.

Nall was less fortunate. He passed to Murphy up the sideline; it was tipped by a defender and Murphy could not bring it in. he then tried Murphy on a pst, but needed to be as accurate as rodgers had been earlier and Nall did not succeed. H e diud hit Steele on the right side.

Some comments on Sunday.

The new quarterback has a long way to go; but he shows flashes of having what it takes---and this was his first "real" experience as a pro.

The injuries to Chris Johnson and Jason Horton opened the door for Dendy and Torrence. Both of them looked good when the pads were on. They may be ahead of Horton at this point.

With the exception of Number 4, no quarterback challenged the defense in 11 on 11. It may have been play calling, but the other three dumped it off on almost every play. Favre threw it down field running the same plays. It is very early, but i am reminde of pre-season games last season when short passes became the norm as soon as the reserves came in the game.

Practice ended then and there.

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