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2006 Former Packer All Star Team

by Jerry Gilbert
As a result of the coaching change in Green Bay, this season produced a larger pool of former Green Bay Packers available to comprise this team. Seeking his own type of player for his system, new head coach Mike McCarthy cut several players and did not re-sign others. In addition, the fact that former coach Mike Sherman is now an assistant in Houston, means that some people he brought to Green Bay will be given another chance in Texas.

This second Former Packer All-Star team, like the original, provides data for evaluating the personnel decisions that have been made over the years. The team is composed of players currently on the roster or practice squad of an NFL team. To be considered a former Packer, the player must have at least participated in training camp. Nearly all of them played at least a season in Green Bay.

This is a deeper team than last year's edition and significantly better at the skill positions on offense. While the number of starting quarterbacks has been reduced by the demotion of Curt Warner and Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck is a returning all pro and any of the others could fill in if needed. While last year we stretched to find a running back, this team has four who have seen substantial playing time. With Javon Walker joining Terry Glen and Corey Bradford, this team boasts receiver unit as good as many in the NFL. Tight end is the only position that could use an upgrade.

A year ago we were quite impressed with our offensive line. The addition of Mike Flanagan and Ross Verba makes this unit even stronger. To fill the tackle positions, it was necessary to require Mike Whale and Ross Verba to slide over to that position. As Packer fans know, Mike Flanagan could also play left tackle if needed. The guards who remain, Adam Timmerman, Marco Rivera and Joe Andruzzi could play for nearly anyone Veteran reserves Tim Stokes and Grey Ruegamer round out an excellent offensive line.

The unit on defense is also much improved from last season. Corner back Mike McKenzie and safety Darren Sharper anchor a backfield that has some depth at safety behind Sharper and Bahwoh Jue. Cornerback is a weak spot, as Ahmad Carroll, Mike Hawkins and Allen Rossum would have to step up. Linebacker now has Na'il Diggs to join NFL starters Paris Lenon and Hunter Hillenmeyer, with Donte Curry and Hannibal Navies in reserve.

The defensive line is also much improved. Former training camp free agents, Earl Cochran and Eric Powell, join David Bowens and possibly Vonnie Holliday at defensive end. Holliday could also play tackle along side the tandem of Grady Jackson and Terdell Sands.

Because Ryan Longwell wanted to pad his personal statistics in the South or in a dome, this team now has an excellent kicker. Craig Hentrich will do the kickoffs and battle with Josh Bidwell to be the punter. Hentrich is also an excellent kick holder. The addition of Antonio Chatman, Najeh Davenport provides two more return men. Tony Fisher along with the tight ends and fullbacks will anchor the special teams. Now, we present the 2006 edition of the Former Packer All Star Team:


  • Quarterback: Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks), Aaron Brooks (Raiders), Mark Brunell (Redskins), Curt Warner (Cardinals), Craig Nall (Bills)
  • Running Back: Samkon Gado (Texans), Najeh Davenport (Steelers), Reshard Lee (Raiders), Tony Fisher(Rams)
  • Full Back: Jerald Sowell (Bucs), Vonta Leach Texans)
  • Wide Receiver: Javon Walker (Broncos), Terry Glenn (Cowboys), Antonio Chatman (Bengals) Rod Gardner (Chiefs), Corey Bradford (Lions)
  • Tight End: Mike Bartrum (Eagles); Ben Steele (Texans), Sean McHugh (Lions)
  • Center: Mike Flanagan (Texans); Chris White (Texans), Grey Ruegamer (Giants)
  • Offensive Guard: Marco Rivera (Cowboys), Adam Timmerman, (Rams), Joe Andruzzi (Browns).
  • Offensive Tackle: Barry Stokes (Lions), Ross Verba (Lions), Mike Wahle (Panthers)


  • Defensive Tackle: Grady Jackson ( Falcons), Vonnie Holliday(Dolphins), Terdell Sands (Raiders)
  • Defensive End: David Bowens (Miami), Earl Cochran (Texans), Eric Powell (Bills)
  • Linebacker: Na'il Diggs (Panthers), Hunter Hillenmeyer (Bears) Donte Curry (Lions), Paris Lenon (Lions), Hannibal Navies (49ers).
  • Cornerback: Mike McKenzie (Saints), Allen Rossum (Falcons) Ahmad Carroll (Jaguars), Mike Hawkins (Browns).
  • Safety: Darren Sharper (Vikings), Kevin Kaesviharn (Bengals), Mark Roman (49ers), Matt Bowen (Bills), Bahwoh Jue (Chargers)


  • Kicker: Ryan Longwell (Vikings)
  • Punter: Josh Bidwell (Bucs), Craig Hentrich (Titans)
  • Return: Allen Rossum, Antonio Chatman, Najeh Davenport,
  • Long Snapper: Mike Bartrum, Grey Ruegamer


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